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Trail rides in Transylvania

Enjoy the freedom of horseback trail rides

Trail rides are a great way to enjoy, and get to know your horse, talk with your friends, and be part of nature.The trail is a perfect place to escape from the competitive demands of many equine disciplines.For horse rider enthusiasts, we offer:

  • Short riding trips – one or two days of riding through the hills and forests surrounding the Rahau village, with up to 8 hours of riding per day;
  • Riding weekends – Starting either on Friday either on Thursday these tours include picnics and visiting nearby sights;
  • Riding holidays – Riding tours of Transylvanian villages with over 125 km of riding over five days.

Transylvania – the land beyond the forests

Transylvania is the home of many ethnic groups of Central and Eastern Europe. Here the Romanians have met with the Magyars, the Saxons, Swabs, Secui and Ruthenians.

One of the most beautiful legends concerns the Saxon Transylvania, otherwise known as Siebenburgen (Seven Citadel Towns). According to legend, the lost children of Hamelyn looking for a way out of the cave-prison of Almasch (Germany of today), surfaced and found themselves in Transylvania.

This is the romantic explanation for a strange phenomenon, which is the presence in these parts of a German speaking, blond, blue-eyed population observing German customs even though they are more than 1000 km far from Germany.

The famous poem of Browning takes up the Hamelyn story:
“In Transylvania there’s a tribe
Of alien people who ascribe
The outlandish ways and dress
On which their neighbors lay such stress
To their fathers and mothers having risen
Out of some subterranean prison
Into which they had been trepanned
Long time ago, in a mighty band,
Out of Hamelin town in Brunswick land,
But how or why they don’t understand”

The historical facts are that the fortified towns and villages of Transylvania were built in the 12th century by emigrants from the Moselle region of Germany who called themselves Saxons. They were attracted by the trade privileges granted to them by Magyar rulers who wanted them to guard the mountain passes against Tatar and Ottoman invaders.

Here they created Siebenburgen, the seven citadel-cities and in the villages they built fortified churches to shelter and defend themselves if attacked.