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The Knight Archers: Horseback Archery

Horseback Archery

It is considered an elite sport aimed at the brave, a true art form.
Since it implies the coordination of multiple abilities, horseback archery is also a means to develop one’s personality both for grown-ups and children.

tir cu arcul calare

Mihai Cozmei – mastery demonstration

Beyond its technical aspects, horseback archery combines two essential traits of a strong individual:

  • The art of effective communication (how to make your viewpoint known and how to make others follow without creating tensions)
  • The art of reaching one’s goals

Horseback archery lessons at “La Mesteceni” Country Club

Archery and horseback riding will be at first studied separately. Only after the basics are mastered the students will move on to horseback archery.

Trainings will be led by Mihai Cozmei, european champion of the traditional style (European Championships of Horseback Archery – EOCHA).

antrenamente tir cu arcul calare

Antrenamente de tir cu arcul calare

Mihai has been studying archery for 15 years and leads a horseback archery school in Hungary. He has successfully represented Romania on several internations competitions and has also been teaching classes and performing demonstrations in Hungary, Germany, Jordania, Poland and Turkey.

Demonstratie tir cu arcul