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Horse riding camps for children

Riding camp “La Mesteceni” – a wonderful one week vacation

Riding camps are a perfect choice for an excellent mini vacation. Children have proven time and time again that they get close to animal really quickly and they are able to easily establish a good report with horses. In the “Mesteceni” riding camp, children are able to learn about the art of horseback riding, starting with safety rules and horse grooming. During camp, we organize an outdoor trip on horseback that includes cooking a picnic lunch by the forest. Children can also join in on different outdoor activities and workshops.

For those that would like individual riding lessons, we recommend the courses offered by our English Riding School.

Program Guide and Particularities

Our riding camps offer a diverse program that is always adapted to the particular group. Though a certain camp program may be extended in collaboration with the group’s organizers to accommodate special elements, the general program includes:

  • Learning safety rules;
  • Grooming and feeding the horse;
  • Riding lessons;
  • Nature trekking;
  • Thematic trips in the surrounding areas;
  • Outdoor games;
  • Painting workshops;
  • Sports activities: tennis, swimming;

Riding camps for children ensure the safety of the participants at all time as well as the specificity of all elements such as:

  • Apartments especially designed for children and supervisors;
  • Restaurant, terrace, patio, aromatic garden, barbeque area;
  • Playground;
  • Large sand manege 20x40m;
  • Modern stables built according to the international standards, including the tack room, the horse grooming box, observation cabin;

Duration of riding camps and camp schedule

Riding camps have a duration of  7 days, starting on Sundays (afternoon) and ending on the following Saturday

A tipical camp day is organized according to the following schedule:

7.00-08.00 Waking up, getting ready for a new day
8.00-09.00 Breakfast
9.30-11.30 Outdoor activities: horse grooming, gardening, horseriding lessons, workshops
11.30-12.30 Group discussions, games
12.30-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.00 Personal time
14.00-16.00 Indoor (or in the shade) activities; painting course in the pavilion, training in the shed: wall climbing, rope climbing etc
16.00-17.00 Literature-club, discussions, poetry
17.00-19.00 Outdoor activities; horse grooming
19.00-19.30 Dinner
19.30-21.30 Games, discussions, writing in diaries, posting of one single Facebook picture & comment, Western-Karaoke night
21.30-22.00 Getting ready for bed

Prices (all – inclusive)

The price per child is 1,280 Lei (275 Euro) and includes accommodation, camp schedule, three meals / day and access to the Club facilities. Prices do not include tickets to museums or other visited touristic sites in the area.

  • Optional, we can organize painting lessons, acting lessons, english lessons with native speakers.
  • We offer free accommodation and meals for one companion for each 8 children, that will work with our instructors during the camp. Supervision of children will be one adult to four children. For example: for a a group of 16 children we offer two instructors and the group comes with two supervisors.
  • From schools, we prefer class masters or gym teachers if possible.
  • Parents willing to be involved are welcome!
  • Group size: minimum 8, maximum 16 children.

For more information or for organizing a riding camp please contact us by email or by phone at +40258735776.

Our instructors and our 8 beautiful and well-mannered horses as well as the poney, await you to begin the adventure!