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Riding lessons for adults and children

The process of learning to ride a horse

Matching rider and horse is not a chance affair. The instructor who knows the horses will assist the beginner make the correct choice, safety being the first criterion.

The first riding lesson implies introducing the horse to the student, a gentle approach, teaching safety drills and explaining how the horse will read and obey aids and commands.

Mounting the horse and the first 10 riding lessons are given in the safety of the sand manege (60 x 40 m) within the Club grounds.

First walking and turning, later trotting, rider and horse will learn to respect each other. The successful closing of the basic training is to exercise the new rider’s abilities in open countryside on the hills around the village of “Rahau”.

Riding lessons for children

At “La Mesteceni” a lot of children come to learn how to ride a horse or a pony. Safety is always or main concern, so your children will be constantly looked after by our experienced team.

Riding lessons for children can be set up either one-on-one, either for groups. We also recommend looking into our riding camps, which provide the perfect context for a great vacation mixing riding lessons with other fun outdoor group activities.

Riding lessons prices

Riding Lesson Adult, one-to-one
(30 minutes):
60 lei
Riding Lesson Adult, group
(60 minutes):
60 lei
Subscription 10 lessons – adults
(30 / 60 minutes):
500 lei
Riding Lesson, child, one-to-one
(30 minutes)
50 lei
Riding Lesson, child, group
(60 minutes)
50 lei
Subscription 10 lessons, child
400 lei
Hacking, one-to-one
(60 minutes)
90 lei
Hacking, group min 2 pax
(60 minutes)
60 lei

Pony riding for children under 5: 25 lei / 15 min.
Riding trips: 240 lei / 4 h.

A riding school built upon passion

The English Riding School, part of the Country Club will introduce you into the magic world of riding and will help you discover a noble sport that was until not very long ago a way of life for thousands of years.

At “La Mesteceni”, it all started with the love of horses. Mr. Constantin Chesculescu rediscovered his childhood passion for horses and founded the school to bring back in this part of Transylvania the refinement of an art as old as history.

The philosophy is simple: riding, for those who practise it daily or at least several times a week is more than an agreeable pastime; it helps you remain fit and healthy it is an exercise in educating your patience and regaining your natural rhythm, it can become a way of life…

You must know and understand the horse; you must understand its fears and reticence because as an herbivore it has a strong instinct of survival. You must not surprise him or use abrupt gestures because it reacts instantly and you will lose control.

After all, for thousands of years it was a wild animal hunted by predators whose only defence was running. The newly born foal stands on its feet within an hour of being born and on the second day it can run and follow the mare. Mounting a horse you enter the rhythm of nature, you must observe its laws and respect the horse’s powerful instincts, yet if you love him, he will obey you…

A frequent star-guest of “La Mesteceni” is Sue Adams herself, owner of the Riding School at Shobdon, Herefordshire, twinned with La Mesteceni.

The Englishwoman globe-trots the entire world in a humanitarian programme to teach people to interact physically and mentally with horses.

“I always loved horses and I can say that I have a truly special understanding and a relationship with them. I travel to show people that beyond the recreational activity there are therapeutic benefits that these animals can cure both physically and emotionally.

It looks like swimming with dolphins. The human brain’s area responsible with feelings and emotions, known as the limbic brain, communicates directly with the horse’s brain (they resonate in tandem). This means that if you spend a lot of time together with the horse, you calm down; you reach a healthy equilibrium and recuperate emotionally.

With the horse you interact both physically as well as mentally. In England there is a special programme for businessmen to encourage them by working with horses to choose a more direct and honest way in their profession. You cannot manipulate horses, they are totally honest. Well, there may be 2-3 corrupt horses in the world, but I have not met them!” (Sue Adams)