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Our horses

Our stables house 10 superb examples of pure breeds and mixed blood-lines, large horses, small horses and youngsters in training, all excellent for cross-country and mountain expeditions.

Several are trained for light carriage work. None of the horses have bad habits and all are person-friendly; none without exception, have any anatomical dysfunction or unnatural movements.

The figures in brackets state their age in 2013.

Horses – “Pure Arab”

Princess (15 y.o.)
Is a splendid example of Arab thoroughbred, the oldest and purest of breeds. Born into the Siglavy-Baghdady line, it has a beautiful head with large bright eyes, wide nostrils and a short muzzle.

Princess has an elegant floating trot and eager to canter at the slightest hint, extremely hardy on long, fast trips. Princess is an intelligent horse with quick reactions, a reliable companion in difficult terrain. Princess came with this name from Mangalia, the state stud specialised in Arab bloodlines from the shores of the Black Sea.

She bears her name with dignity and seems to remember Mohammed’s command to carry the rider who loves her faithfully and to lose in the dust the bad guy. She has a light brown colouring, her noble bearing is total, her movement is a whisper, her speed is in an instant and her tight fast turning circle an amusing problem for those who lack concentration… Her genetic power of procreation is equal to her status; she has a 3 year old filly named Soraya who formally inherits all her mother’s qualities.

Vifor (10 y.o.)
Pure Arab of the Siglavy-Baghdady line, started in training in 2005. Coloured grey, he is typical of the Arab thoroughbred, small but spirited with a floating trot and an energetic canter.

He deserves his name (“Tempest” in Romanian) as he can burst into fast gallop from standing still and can do incredibly quick turns. I remember him as a young foal when he was running such fast circles and turns round his mother that I was fearing for his safety.

Vifor was precocious as a young stallion: nobody could understand how at the age of 2 he managed to get Tessa pregnant, a strong Nonius mare, twice his size! He is now the proud father of Cica, 1 in September 2006. Vifor is obedient, willing and friendly and has a splendid career ahead of him in the Carpathian adventures of the Riding Club.

Zorro (9 y.o.)
Pure Arab of the Siglavy-Baghdady line, will start his training in the spring of 2006. He is noble by anatomy, movement and affection. to touch his muzzle is like a first kiss: it bewilders but is not forgotten. His colouring is dark brown with black mane and tail.

He seems to be too distinguished to be a pleasure horse, he looks like destined for some royal stud, a unique horse for just one rider. Obedient but spirited, he will be capable to compete well in long distance, speed events.

Horses – “Metis”

Rocky (9 y.o.)
Is Montzi’s son, ½ Arab and has all the characteristics of the Nonius breed improved by Arab blood. Chestnut brown colour with 3 white socks and a star on his forehead, Rocky has his mother’s conformation with a greater impulse and flexibility. A good character, obedient, easy to train. His long-line tall body will evolve to become an accomplished Nonius.

Fido (7 y.o.)

Was born in August of 2006 and is a metis horse with a main Lipizzan descend (from the mother side).

He is best for children and beginners both for lessons in the manej as well as for mountain trips.

Trigger (7 y.o.)

Born on the 4th of July, 2006, Trigger is a descendant of the great Hafflinger breed – his ancestors were carrying the canons of the Habsburg empire in the middle ages.

He is a calm and generous horse with a strong chest and sure legs, ideal for long rides on mountain trails.

Aisha, (7 y.o.), Half-Arab

Aisha has inherited the grace and the luster from her mother, Stelutza, an Arab thoroughbred of Kohelian line. Aisha has a degree of sensitivity that can become noble if trained properly. She seems shy because of an unskilled procedure to a small bruise on her rump at the age of 2.

Once you earn her trust she becomes affectionate and persistent, happy when touched and stroked, capable of fidelity towards a loving owner.

Amina, (5 y.o.), Half-Arab
Amina has a proud bearing and natural beauty. She seems reserved to strangers but if you insist enough she comes towards you. She likes to be stroked without exposing her precious head or her large wonderful eyes.

She inherited her conformation and the light chestnut colour from her father, Trigger (half Hafflinger, half Arabian breed). Due to her combined blood, she is both powerful and joyful. Amina is excellent for riding and for individual carriage work.