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best suppressor cover

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This is a very good value for money accessory, and its unique design comes in stark contrast to all the others. Short design, just under seven inches in length. The Hi-Temperature Suppressor Cover mitigates mirage just like our original cover, but is slightly more bulky than the very trim and sleek form of our original Suppressor Mirage Cover. The covers also come in different colors and look really cool. Their Magpul Suppressor Cover operates a lot like an exhaust heat shield. The Magpul® Suppressor Cover 5.5” is a leader in rugged heat resistance. BPG Covers are 100% Fire Retardant and made in the U.S.A. Suppressor Cover – Heavy is full-auto rated up to 1000 F Suppressor Cover – Medium is semi-auto rated up to 600 F Suppressor Cover – Light is intended for pistol and rimfire suppressors or up to 600 degrees F This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This cover is designed to fit suppressors of various diameters up to 9 inches long, so if you have multiple firearms and want to use a single cover for all of your suppressor applications, the Sub-Tac is hard to beat. We may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. The Magpul Suppressor Cover – 5.5” is made of a solid heat-resistant polymer that is overlaid by a raised stainless-steel sleeve that acts as a heat shield. Shorter design means less volume, which translates to less suppression. These cookies do not store any personal information. With our unique BOA straps, your cover will always stay in … Today, you can get some very inexpensive yet high-quality and highly effective solutions, and they all perform exceptionally well in the field and at the range. How to Put the Trampoline in the Ground? It comes with eight feet of paracord and three cinch straps so you can fit it how you want on your suppressor. Each selection covers the key criteria for a quality suppressor cover: high heat resistance & excellent heat insulation for suppressor removal & protection. In terms of flaws – it’s not a small cover, so it can add some unwanted bulk to the front of your firearm. Well, there is a solution, and it’s not at all high-tech. If you don’t want to fiddle with paracord or worry about shifting and slipping, the. For these higher rates of fire, the new Hi-Temp Suppressor Cover is the best choice. Our testers really loved this cover, although it is fairly expensive. 0 reviews IN STOCK. The body is designed for 1.5” outer diameter round suppressors, and it comes with a net length of 5.5.”. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Any precision shooter will attest that their worst enemy when using optics is “mirage.” Mirage is an effect that occurs when the heat waves roll off the hot barrel and create a shimmering mirage effect in front of the scope’s lenses. It is the first product of its kind able to stand up to the extreme temperatures caused by extended strings of semiautomatic and automatic fire to protect the user and equipment against burns while also speeding up the cooling process? In fact, it’s as simple as a tea-cozy. Gexgune Suppressor Cover Airsoft Military Shooting Taktische Schalldämpfer Quick Release Cover Shooting Schalldämpfer Baffler Protector ... Dein Körpernavigator zum besten Essen aller Zeiten Uwe Knop. Select options. Very sleek and slim design, which contributes to its lightweight. If you're shooting suppressed, cover up your suppressor asap. While it may seem hyperbolic, the only people who, need a suppressor cover are probably those who are shooting in frigidly cold environments (think Antarctica, North Canada, Northern Russia, or Alaska.). Still, even in temperate climates, your suppressor can get very hot. The company has tested this cover, and it’s approved for fully-automatic weapons, which is hard to find in a cover. Once installed on a suppressor that is 1.5 inches in diameter the total outside diameter with the sleeve installed will be approximately 2.25 inches. Category AR-15 and AR-10 Pistols & Revolvers Ammunition Scopes & Optics Shotgun Rifles Gear & Accessories CCW & Holsters Survival See All Reviews. The AG is a nice lightweight cover best suited for bolt guns or very slow rates of fire. Best Long Range Suppressor: Thunderbeast Arms 30BA; Best Overall: Silicerco Specwar 7.62 Quick Detach The best 6.5 Creedmoor suppressor for most people. This is even more pronounced if you use a high magnification scope or if you’re shooting in direct sunlight, which can make an already hot suppressor incredibly hot. Optimized for 1.5” outer diameter round suppressors with a body length of approximately 5.5” (not including attachment hardware / interface) such as the Surefire SOCOM556-RC2. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. If you want to use it for more intense work, then consider adding the inner core to supplement the heat resistance. The internal tube is a mix of fiberglass & high-temp silicone which is flash rated up to 3000°F. Shop the top 25 most popular Suppressor Cover at the best prices! This 9mm suppressor is the best multi-caliber rifle suppressor due to its noise reduction harmonized with small size features. The Nomex sleeve provides maximum thermal resistance to the heated core, however, if you try to perform 5 mag dumps one after the other on a semi-automatic you will melt the outer sleeve. The constantly cooling outer shell reduces the possibility of body surface damage. Rated 5.00 out of 5. The whole package is water resistant, and the design allows for no-slip cinching. How to pick the best .300 Blackout Magazines The .300 Blackout is one of the more interesting calibers in recent years, officially approved by SAAMI, What are the best upgrades for the Ruger 10/22? How to Store a Car for Winter: 6 Helpful Tips. I have looked at Cole Tac, Armagedden Gear and Tab Gear.... Looks like Cole Tac has a good design, but opinions will be appreciated. I have a ton of time on this product and feel happy to make the recommendation. Premium covers – made from high-quality, fire-resistant material – can resist up to 3,000 degrees of torture. I shoot SiCo cans originally using the MAAD mount then switched to ASR. Overall, this is an excellent suppressor cover for a bolt gun. Extreme temperature protection that mitigates internal Suppressor temperatures to safe levels;... Reduces thermal signature of host firearm; mitigates mirage effects in sight picture. Without the use of fabrics, you reduce the possibility of melting due to overheating. Without a doubt, SilencerCo Omega 9 is a premium 9mm suppressor. Suppressor Cover - 7.0"L x 1.5"D quantity. Of course, not all covers are compatible with every suppressor. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This suppressor cover is black, which can be an issue for those who hunt in the snow. They also protect your weapon and the suppressors themselves from getting dinged up during normal use.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'americanfirearms_org-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',134,'0','0'])); Suppressor covers aren’t made from cotton t-shirts. As mentioned above, suppressors usually only make it to 1,000 degrees during mag dumping, so 1,800 degrees is plenty. That said, you don’t need to splurge upwards of $200 on these accessories. Stop mirage while shooting long distance. This cover reduces miraging for single shots in intermittent frequencies and protects you against burns from overheated suppressors. Has multiple color options for different purposes. How to Do a Backflip on the Trampoline? It doesn't have the same level of insulation as the other two. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Cyber Monday Deals Gift Cards Best Sellers Customer Service New Releases Find a Gift Whole Foods AmazonBasics Sell Registry Free Shipping Coupons #FoundItOnAmazon Shopper Toolkit Disability Customer Support. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Shop Cyber Monday deals now . Add to cart. Free Shipping by Amazon. In my two dealings with your company, your customer service has been stellar. For an exceptional way to equip yourself with the best possible products for all of your shooting desires, go with the SureFire Suppressor Cover. Best Suppressor Cover Reviews 1.Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover – Heavy The Burn Proof Gear Suppressor is a good choice if you are into rough shooting and yet want a smoother shooting session. Other lengths are in the works and are coming soon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The sub-tac Alpha 9-Inch Suppressor Cover is actually a kit, in which you can customize the diameter of the suppressor cover. Bowers Suppressor Covers. However, safety should also be considered – as you don’t want to end your range trip with a third-degree burn. This is a great starter kit, try out on this model before moving up to the big league, the price is attractive too and is perfect for that lazy range and plinking days. Your own custom made suppressor cover is only a few clicks away. It’s available in coyote and black, and uses a polymer sleeve with two stainless clamps that prevent slipping or creeping, even with sustained firing or less-than-kid-glove level handling. Discover over 161 of our best selection of Suppressor Cover on with top-selling Suppressor Cover brands. Not something you want within a foot or two of your face. It is a solid-state suppressor that surpasses in performance all other models. Durable Cerakote finish that will stand up to hard use. Burn Proof Gear is a relatively new company, but they have an excellent reputation across all of their products. Find out the top choices. To help speed things up as well as secure your outer sleeve quickly and efficiently, they use BOA® straps that are known never to change structure or grip even when introduced to extreme, heat. Adjustable so it fits any 9 inch long suppressor. This cover will protect your hands up to 1,800 degrees, which is a fair temperature. MAGPUL. The AR-15, when in well-trained hands, is one of the most capable weapons systems ever designed. Mit allen meinen persönlichen Tipps und über 60 Rezepten Sophia Thiel. The 6” model will cover Octane 9, Octane 45K, Saker 556, Specwar 556, Omega 300, Omega 45K, and Chimera 300 A suppressor cover is needed to stop heat haze from distorting the sight in front of a rifle scope. Metal Python Suppressor Cover Coyote 7.5" METAL PYTHON SUPPRESSOR COVER. These folks are one of the more trusted names in the industry and we see why. Inner tube is woven fiberglass dipped in high-temp silicone, Adjustable straps to accommodate 1.375" to 1.625" in diameter, 1.5 diameter suppressors - 100% Fire Retardant Construction, Machine Washable! Why Must You Learn to Recognize Key Characteristics of the Animal You’re Hunting? This cover, when used for sniper shots, removes all mirage effects and will deliver a clean shot, as well as provide a comfortable barrel condition every time. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. However, if you go above this, you are in danger of a meltdown. The cover fights against mirage effects and stays firmly in place while shots are fired. This is a starter cover that delivers very basic results but is priced accordingly and it great as a training device. If you are seeking a very reliable product that does not melt after the first rapid-fire mag dump, then this is the one for you. It never comes in contact with the actual barrel, so it can stay cool to the touch even after hundreds of rounds. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'americanfirearms_org-leader-2','ezslot_8',157,'0','0'])); The simple truth is suppressor covers are a useful addition to your firearm that can potentially save you from unintentional harm. Cole-Tac’s HTP suppressor wrap is a three-layered design. Quick List: The 5 Best Suppressor Covers: Does an excellent job eliminating heat mirage. Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage – Mini Trampoline; Black Friday & Cyber Monday Trampoline Deal; How to & Tips. How to Assemble a Trampoline Easily? For bolt-action applications, the Rifles Only MAD Cover (or Mirage Abatement Device) is an excellent option. As a stand-alone sleeve without a core, it is perfect and light for those one shot sniper rounds. View Price at Brownells For our top pick, we loved this quick detach model from Silencerco. The Cole-TAC, High-Temperature Python (HTP) Suppressor Cover is a three-layered system. Home; Reviews. Suppressor Covers - Products . They also protect your weapon and the suppressors themselves from getting dinged up during normal use. The vents are designed to allow for faster air cooling, and the part connects onto your suppressor with steel clamps. The materials used are very basic, and it does provide up to 1000oF temperature resistance. A common reason people get a suppressor cover isn’t so much protection as heat mirage mitigation. Only 5.5″ long, so may not completely cover some suppressors, Interchangeable designs to match your environment, Several size and color options for all preferences, Has a great look that works great for adding some style. Email Address: Your privacy is respected. Comes with its own mizzle break and mounting device in the box. Join our mailing list to receive the latest updates from U.S. Tactical Supply. MICHAEL CRITES is el jefe around here. The BPG Heavy is a two-piece design that includes the braided fiberglass inner sleeve as well as the Kevlar and Nomex fabric outer sleeve that provides added camouflage and protection. 10+ In stock, delivery from Brownells USA within 7-10 days 10+ In stock, delivery … The best solution for using a suppressor and not having to worry about the extreme heat is to use a cover. Search for Cole Tac Metal Python Suppressor Cover Metal Python Suppressor Cover Coyote 7 5 Cole Tac Metal Python Suppressor Cover Metal Python Suppressor Cover The SLNCO is a medium average silencer cover that is designed for small shot scenarios. This custom cover is rated up to 150 rounds full auto within a 15 minute firing schedule, compatible with all rifle caliber (.223, 300 BLK, .308, 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO) suppressors. All customers get FREE … Constructed of a heat-resistant polymer sleeve overlaid onto a raised stainless steel heat shield that mounts directly to the suppressor body with steel clamps, the Magpul Suppressor Cover – 5.5” minimizes heat transfer to keep external cover temperatures up to 1000 degrees F cooler than the surface of the suppressor and allows cooling airflow across the can. MAGPUL Polymer/Stainless Suppressor Cover, Cole-TAC High-Temperature Python (HTP) Suppressor Cover, Magpul Suppressor Cover 5.5", Medium Coyote Tan, Rifles Only MAD 8.5" Suppressor Cover (ATACS), sub-tac Alpha Suppressor Cover 9 inch Black, Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy (FDE, 5.5). The high temp of your suppressor, even if it’s not in direct sunlight, can be very dangerous. It also supports the heat signatures of .223, 300 BLK, .308, 5.56 NATO, and 7.62 NATO rounds. That said, you don’t need to splurge upwards of $200 on these accessories. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Thank you for your support. Only designed for bolt guns, but this company has options for semi-automatic rifles. Also, the BOA® system slowly changes its configuration over time, allowing for heat expression to engage the strap without damaging its performance. This enables the Magpul to suppress mirage effect even with extreme temps and minimizes retained heat in the barrel, extending its life. Eliminating mirage is accomplished by the use of insulating materials - your can heats up, but the SASR stays cool. That's fine if your mount is the same diameter as the can. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Skip to content. This is the more comprehensive BPG model, and if you are into a little bit more than the odd shot, then settle for this one rather than the medium. There are many brands to choose from and different sizes for any suppressor. This suppressor cover is more on the expensive side. - Designed to not slide off while shooting. All customers get … It also removes the mirage effect from overheating when used for suppressive fire. Member Joined Jul 2017; Posts 634; EE Offline; TX, USA. It can melt any nearby plastic – and fast strings of fire can see your suppressor temp get upwards of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Showing all 5 results. The only suppressor cover that you can design. The external cover receives 1000oF cooler heat than the suppressor surface temperature, and this act like a thermal insulator, where the heat signature is reduced radically reducing mirage effect. These little wonders are an important rifle accessory that protects you and your surroundings from the high heat generated from suppressing rounds as they speed downrange. Silencer Shop 5-Cell Pouch . 0 (0) Suppressor Covers 5.5" Black SUPPRESSOR COVERS. Essentially, the inner core is the hero of this product; it is made of braided fiberglass covered with a Kevlar/Nomex sleeve. In this article, we’re going to highlight five of the best suppressor covers on the market today. The BPG cover is, IMHO, simply superior in terms of fit and function. Magpul is well known for all for the high-quality accessories they produce – and are quite popular with us in the gun-loving community. This category covers not only 5.56 (.223), but also .30, making the suppressor options virtually endless. Suppressor covers are great accessories for hunters and snipers. As such, the edges cinch over the suppressors front and back and provide a “No-Slip Fit.”. Some have heat shields durable enough to handle a full-on mag dump, which is a surefire way to make your suppressor unbearably hot. These little wonders are an important rifle accessory that protects you and your surroundings from the high heat generated from suppressing rounds as they speed downrange. Magpul Suppressor Cover - YouTube. The sub-tac Alpha 9-Inch Suppressor Cover is actually a kit, in which you can customize the diameter of the suppressor cover. 2020 popular Suppressor Cover trends in Sports & Entertainment, Holsters, Toys & Hobbies, Automobiles & Motorcycles with Suppressor Cover and Suppressor Cover. Now, add to this the compounded effect of using a suppressor, which heats up to such temperatures, that apart from the shimmer put you in serious heat to body danger zone. Compatible with multiple calibers, so you can take it off and put it on a different weapon. This way, your rifle won’t mar the surfaces you put it on – which your truck (and your local gun range owners) – will appreciate. Show Filters . The BPG medium is a classic low fire suppressor cover that comes with a few options. Designing a can that will work for 1,000s of rounds is not. The 7.5” model fits Octane 45, Saker 762, Specwar 762, Harvester 300, and Hybrids. MSRP $125.00 $105.00. Home / Custom Suppressor Covers. To state it simply, you end up scorching your arms, hands, and legs by touching the suppressor barrel unintentionally. The Cole Tac HTG is one of the leading heat suppression covers around, and the unique combination of excellent inner core materials combined with the standard Kevlar/Nomex outer sleeve fabrics deliver perfect results every time you use your weapon. Additionally, it’s water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about mildew or mold growing in the cover. I doubt you will reach that need, and in most cases, a single mag is usually the demand for static fire rounds. The color versatility of the sleeves makes this a perfect tool for just about any environment. Cyber Monday Deals Gift Cards Best Sellers Customer Service New Releases Find a Gift Whole Foods AmazonBasics Sell Registry Free Shipping Coupons #FoundItOnAmazon Shopper Toolkit Disability Customer Support. Protect yourself, your silencers and the rest of your gear with these covers. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The inner core withstands temperatures up to 3000oF, and the outer shell, being interchangeable, camouflages your weapon in any color you desire. Our accessories offer the best performance, the greatest protection, the easiest maintenance of any … To narrow it down and get you started on the right path, we've provided you with our top 5 rifle suppressor sellers, and why we think they've snagged a spot in this coveted position. A suppressor cover is really just an essential bit of safety gear for your rifle. A well-known rifle accessory company – Rifles Only Gear – produces this a bolt-action specific suppressor cover. You can also change the exterior of this suppressor cover to suit your hunting environment. In stock 3 In stock, delivery from Brownells USA within 7-10 days. Properly installed and used as … While it may seem hyperbolic, the only people who don’t need a suppressor cover are probably those who are shooting in frigidly cold environments (think Antarctica, North Canada, Northern Russia, or Alaska.). It’s also built for a maximum dimension of 1.5″ so it won’t fit over some of the more popular cans, such as a SilencerCo Omega. Some Tips for Using Trampoline in the Winter; Baby & Kids. They’re not cheap, but what is when it comes to owning firearms? Thanks, 77 AvalonRifle. As you likely know, without a suppressor cover this can be an impossible task, even after spending several minutes waiting for the suppressor to cool down. It is designed to fit over the entire suppressor and cinches at the rear so it doesn't slide forward. This superior heat rating will keep you and your surroundings safe all while virtually eliminating heat mirage. Cole-Tac Corset Suppressor Covers . This is a great feature and solves a problem many covers have. For a quick detach, has an extremely tight lockup. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. While the sleeve is rated for only 1200oF, there is an option to purchase an inner core made of braided fiberglass that provides 2000oF resistance, which is significant when combined with the outer sleeve. This can impact your weaponry as well – especially the suppressor on your rifle. Outer sleeve colors include Multicam, Kryptec Highland, and Coyote Brown, OD Green, Black, and Atacs. Our Customers Say. Smith & Wesson’s M&P 15 22 is a quality firearm that will quickly become anyone’s. 1-16 of 56 results for "silencerco suppressor cover" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. This is a 100% fire retardant product and is also machine washable. Heat mirage is the visual distortion that appears on asphalt and other dark surfaces on a hot day. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. A hot suppressor can throw off this same heat distortion, obscuring your view of the target. These handy accessories also allow you to handle or remove your suppressor after use, as they protect your hands (and other items that come into contact with a hot suppressor) like a tactical oven mitt. Copyright © 2020 American Firearms LLC. This is obviously a major concern for anyone interested in actually hitting a target – be it at the shooting range or hunting. Only compatible with their proprietary muzzle brake. Getting a stamp and putting a 10.3-inch upper on an AR lower is easy. Paying attention to your suppressor’s dimensions when shopping for a cover will keep you from the headache of unnecessary trial and error. And I’ve suffered the embarrassment of watching my Griffon HMMS go flying downrange while working a SCAR17. Overall, this suppressor cover that can hold up to a 5.5-inch long weapon is easy to handle. He writes about guns and gear. All rights reserved. What Are The Best Suppressor Cover Options:Burn Proof Gear; Magpul; Cole-Tac HTP; Rifles Only HAD; Armageddon Gear Mirage Cover; Bowers Griptastic; Manta Defense This model is made to fit all suppressor lengths with a 1.5” diameter, and the overall design features a ½” over the fit of the length. To find the best 9mm suppressor, you’ll need to dig in a bit further to understand the build of a suppressor, the history behind the process of getting one and the importance of the different aspects of sound management and the legalities that regulate sound management from a shooting perspective. This cover will not slip or shift around on your can. Corset Suppressor Cover. This cover is designed to fit suppressors of various diameters up to 9 inches long, so if you have multiple firearms and want to use a single cover for all of your suppressor applications, the Sub-Tac is hard to beat. We got you covered with a list of the best places to buy a suppressor. Additionally, it serves as an enhanced thermal insulator and signature reduction device, significantly mitigating mirage distortions to the shooter’s sight picture, reducing the likelihood of impact damage to the suppressor body, and lessening the chance of accidental heat-related injury or damage to personnel or equipment during weapon firing and cool down. The strap buckles are metal, and the system comes with adjustable straps. Also, if you’re building close-quarters personal defense weapon and want to use the suppressor as a hand-hold, a cover is a must-have. Adjustable to suit any nine-inch suppressor. With this in mind, we wanted to look at suppressors for the most popular centerfire rifle round out there, the .223 and 5.56. The 10/22 Rifle There’s a reason the Ruger 10/22 has long been one of America’s favorite, Why a side-charging upper? £98.80 * £98.70 - £98.80* Suppressor Covers. Protects up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very giving. COLE-TAC LLC. If you want that elusive high-grade design that takes into account every aspect of hunting and sniping, as well as of tactical operations, then this is perhaps the leading design around. Your suppressor can and will get hot in cold weather, but near-zero temperatures can keep the internal heat of a suppressor at bay. Stay Connected. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Even. The Manta Suppressor Sleeve is designed to fit suppressors that are 1.5 inches in diameter which covers most .223, .300, .308, 5.56 and 7.62 suppressors. This is even more pronounced if you use a high magnification scope or if you’re shooting in direct sunlight, which can make an already hot suppressor. Now, I don’t expect you to go out and buy a strip of material and start covering and tying it around your suppressor; those days are far gone. Solid welded core with a detachable cap and integrated flash hider if you remove the cap. Suppressor Accessories. Secure, Store and Protect What You Prize Most, 2.Burn-Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Medium, 2. This model comes with a lot of color options and is a perfect solution for hunters and snipers seeking that elusive, invisible suppressor. That longstanding performance and adoption, What are the best suppressors for the S&W M&P 15-22? If you have multiple suppressors – or one suppressor shared between multiple rifles – and want to actively swap them while at the range, a suppressor cover makes this much easier and considerably faster by both keeping the suppressor cooler and protecting your hand from any heat generated while shooting. The MAD is made out of two parts, the cover, and the inner core. The SureFire Suppressor Cover is the immediate outcome of the time and care taken to develop to their craft. It’s slim, yet durable, and it offers excellent heat protection. Protects up to 1,800 degrees, which is sure to offer you enough protection, but it isn’t the highest heat protection on this list. The Rifles Only MAD Suppressor Cover is a high temperature versatile outer cover interchangeable accessory. If you don’t want to fiddle with paracord or worry about shifting and slipping, the Cole-TAC High-Temperature Python cover offers easy-to-use velco straps, which enable it to cover everything from 1.375″ to 1.625 cans. You do not pay anything extra and your purchase helps support our work. Another option worth splurging on is Burn Proof Gear’s Heavy Suppressor Cover. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Best Rifle Silencers in 2020. Of course, not all covers are compatible with every suppressor. Custom Suppressor Covers. This is an excellent option if you’re willing to splurge a little more on this product and prioritize ease-of-use. The BPG Heavy suppressor cover is by far the best cover I’ve used – and I’ve tried and tested several including from Armageddon, Griffon, Silencerco and Magpul. SilencerCo Omega multi-caliber suppressor can be best described as the quietest, shortest, compact, auto rated, and versatile suppressor.

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